Making you a hero to your customers is why we’re here.

We are a foodservice technology company that elevates the guest experience while making your life easier. From modernizing dining to ensuring people have access to nutritious meals, we’re passionate about foodservice. We partner with you at every step of the way with the knowledge, technology and service to take on anything that comes your way.

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Lead with passion.
We have contagious enthusiasm for the work and our commitment to our clients and each other.
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Improve continuously.
We cultivate a growth mindset and encourage continuous learning, focused on being a little better every day.
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Care personally.
We make work enjoyable by taking a personal interest in each other and helping each other succeed.
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Speak up & listen.
We challenge each other directly and respectfully, focusing on what’s right instead of who’s right.
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Take ownership.
We take responsibility for our work and our impact on the company.
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Win together.
We act as one team instead of individuals or departments, helping each other deliver results for our customers and the business.

Our Story

We’re making the hard part easy.

We’re making food service more transparent and personalized.
Nutrislice was founded in 2011 by three college friends and former roommates, Brian Crapo, Ben Roberts, and Michael Craig. Inspired by the experiences of Mike’s father – a long time school lunch director – they combined their talents to solve some of the largest problems in K-12 foodservice.

Mike’s father outlined his biggest issues:

Formatting and sharing school menus with students and parents was limited by the program or platform they were built in, and by the technical skills of the kitchen managers creating them.

It was difficult to communicate advancements in the quality and nutritional value of the food being served, causing a disconnect between parents’ assumptions and the reality of the healthy meals their kids were being served.

There was no way to share the great work being done by kitchen directors, share their goals and their stories, or bring transparency to school menus that both foodservice professionals and parents wanted.

Armed with that information, Brian, Ben and Mike built the first version of the Nutrislice platform. They quickly found a partner in the Florida Department of Education and Agriculture – who were working to connect locally grown crops with local kids – and ultimately adopted Nutrislice for use in schools across the state.

With early success in the K-12 market, it didn’t take long for Nutrislice to realize that its platform could also modernize the dining experience within Colleges and Universities, Corporate Cafeterias, and Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities. Today, customers across each of these verticals rely on Nutrislice to provide the detailed information and simplicity in ordering that modern diners expect.

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