Digital Food Labels

Save time.
Reduce waste.
Label accurately.

Small but mighty, Nutrislice Spotlight is a digital food label solution that helps operators bring the right information, right to the customer, right at the item.

Remove the tedium of managing traditional print labels with wireless, easy-to-update digital food labels powered by a centralized menu platform.

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An efficient,
earth-friendly solution.
Save your operation time, energy, and resources by eliminating wasteful paper labels. Spotlight’s sustainable digital food labels are durable and long-lasting, and food data can be automagically updated from one easy-to-use cloud platform.
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place-anywhere labels.
Get up and running quickly by selecting from a library of modern templates to display prices, calories, allergen icons, QR codes, and more. Spotlight’s mounting hardware options make it easy to secure labels on serving lines, at stations, on shelf displays, and even in coolers.
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Real-time, accurate labels
customers can trust.
Avoid the risk of outdated or inaccurate static paper labels. Spotlight wirelessly connects to its digital labels to always keep item information up-to-date, helping operations stay compliant, increase customer purchasing confidence, and build brand trust right at the point of consideration.

Bring customers a modern food-browsing experience, while drastically simplifying label management.


How does it work?


Ditch the waste of paper for efficient digital labels.

Replace paper labels with various sizes of Spotlight’s wireless, high-contrast digital food labels. Place them anywhere you need them with a wide selection of attachment hardware.


Setup and manage labels from one, central platform.

Assign food items to individual Spotlight labels using your food data inside Nutrislice. Manage data updates, food assignment schedules, and more from Nutrislice’s convenient online platform.


Keep labels accurate with real-time updates from Nutrislice.

Nutrislice sends label updates to the Spotlight base station at-location. Using encrypted, bi-directional Bluetooth technology, the base station pushes display updates out to digital labels within range.

What are the specs on that?


What can it do?


Let your food speak
for itself.

Give your customers all the information they crave right at the point of consideration.

Bring all the food information your customers want to know right beside the items they are browsing for a connected, convenient customer experience. Whether items are served from the line, on the shelf, in a cooler, or at a station, there are digital food label solutions for every setup. Once in place, you can literally “set it and forget it” or you can easily move your Spotlight labels – they’ll wirelessly update within minutes of applied changes within Nutrislice’s cloud-based platform.


Get up & running

Integrate your existing food data with label templates that highlight key item information.

Getting started with Spotlight is easy; quickly bring in food and menu data by file import or by integration with popular menu management systems. Once your data is in Nutrislice, just pick from a library of pre-designed template options to display the layout and item information most important to your customers. Then, assign your foods to labels, and you are ready to go!


Labels can show real-time

  • Item name
  • Price
  • Calories
  • Allergen icons
  • Ingredients
  • A short description


Automate updates remotely
via the cloud.

Improve efficiency by keeping all digital food labels up-to-date from one source of truth.

Eliminate the time, labor, tedium and paper waste spent on daily or weekly relabeling of food items. With the Nutrislice platform, you can seamlessly sync information from your menu management system, schedule automatic changes to your network of labels, and more.


Add global controls to manage at an enterprise scale.

Scale up any or all of your Nutrislice solutions — Essentials, Pro, Showcase, and Spotlight — across all of your locations. Go Enterprise adds global controls and management capabilities to help define, distribute, and elevate the customer experience everywhere… from anywhere. It’s that simple. It’s that powerful.

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