Higher Education

Campus-wide Connections. Modern Dining Experiences.

Bring a complete and streamlined digital dining experience to campus with integrated mobile menus, contactless ordering options, dynamic onsite display marketing and sustainable, easy-to-update digital food labels.


Do more, with less. Nutrislice saves Dining Services money, time, and customers.

Say good-bye to hefty 3rd party service fees and loosing to off-campus options. Nutrislice helps colleges market all dining venues on-campus and present beautiful, up-to-the-minute synced menus across websites, mobile app, and digital onsite displays. Enjoy the ease of managing everything from one place!

Be ready for anything.

  • Easy-to-use everything
  • Unified communications
  • Digital experience customers expect
  • Adaptable and “future-proof”
  • Extensible to 100s of use cases
  • Customizable for unique operations
  • Solutions designed to fit your needs
  • Comprehensive support to ensure success
  • Menu automations that give time back

A campus-focused dining experience that you can happily deliver to provide students the meals they love to enjoy.


E-BOOK: The Future of Higher Ed Foodservice

What might the future hold for Higher Ed foodservice, and what signs should you look for to know when it’s time to adapt?

Let’s find out.


A simple, unified experience with one platform.
So much power. So much easier.

See what you can do with Nutrislice.