Lead the way in modern, safe healthcare dining.

Contactless ordering, menu management and display marketing all working together to better serve your customers and simplify your operation.


Connect your guests to healthy, contactless onsite meals.

From senior living to hospitals, people visit healthcare facilities for many reasons. For work, for healing, or to visit a patient, everyone appreciates the comfort of delicious food. A great digital experience can make grabbing a bite more convenient, personalized, and informative.

Ready for anything.

  • Easy-to-use everything
  • Unified communications
  • Digital experience customers expect
  • Adaptable and “future-proof”
  • Extensible to 100s of use cases
  • Customizable for unique operations
  • Comprehensive support ensures success
  • Menu automation saves time

Nowhere else do customers expect nutrition information about the food they’re eating more than in a Healthcare setting.


School lunch gives kids a sense of normalcy during the COVID-19 epidemic.

While the district was prepared to institute a remote learning model, they had to quickly figure out another important piece—ensuring that children who needed school-offered meals could receive them.


A simple, unified experience with one platform.
So much power. So much easier.

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