Digital Signage.


Simply sync or import
existing menus. Showcase
does the rest.

Your existing menu data is broadcast to digital signage displays in real-time. Any changes you make are instantly updated across all connected displays.

Showcase makes your digital signage
easy, accurate, & beautiful.


What else can you do with


Design with tools built
for everyone.

The Showcase presentation builder gives your team (yes, even foodservice operators!) the ability to easily add and edit dynamic content like real-time menus and nutrition info, rotating images, looping video, custom text, font themes, logos, and colors. Add a widget for the daily weather, forecasts, a news ticker and so much more.


Schedule menu & content
cycles remotely.

Set up advanced menu cycles and scheduling features to automate time-sensitive presentation and content rotations, such as changing menus throughout the day, after-hours advertising, limited time offers, temporary holiday displays, and more.

Sidekick Mobile App

Swap or drop in a snap
with the Nutrislice
Sidekick app.

Skip the trek to the back office. Our
mobile app helps you update menus
right from the dining floor.


Snacks may run low but, with Showcase,
the possibilities are endless.

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free, organic*)


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