Nutrislice Survey: Majority of Employees Will Expect Contactless Food Ordering from Corporate Dining Amid COVID-19


Survey Reveals 90 Percent of Employees Want to Order and Pay for Food with a Mobile App to Mitigate Physical Contact

Broomfield, CO – August 4, 2020Nutrislice, a leading provider of digital engagement and guest experience solutions for the non-commercial foodservice industry, today unveiled findings from a survey on expectations for corporate dining once offices reopen. The survey of more than 1,600 employees across America revealed that 80 percent of those returning to an office are concerned about how they will order and pay for their onsite food. As businesses start allowing employees to return to work, corporate dining providers must prepare for newfound employee expectations and meet demand for contactless solutions.

Key highlights from Nutrislice’s survey include:

  • Employees want to select, order and pay for their onsite food through a mobile app.
    • Over 80 percent of employees who plan on getting food from corporate dining are concerned about how they will order and pay for their food.
    • Ninety percent would prefer to be able to select, order and pay for food through a mobile app or online in order to mitigate physical contact with a server and/or cashier.
  • If corporate dining providers don’t offer contactless options, employees will get their food elsewhere
    • Almost 40 percent would avoid food offered by corporate dining if contactless ordering and payment options were unavailable.
    • Almost 80 percent said having access to mobile food ordering will be important to them.
  • By offering contactless ordering, corporate dining providers have an opportunity to reclaim customers lost due to COVID-19 concerns.
    • Over 60 percent of employees are only somewhat satisfied or not satisfied at all with the contactless options currently provided by corporate dining.
    • For employees not planning on getting food from corporate dining, 50 percent say it is because they are concerned about food-handling safety and being in proximity to servers and/or cashiers.
    • However, 80 percent would be more inclined to get food from corporate dining if contactless ordering, payment, pickup and delivery options were available.

“Social distancing requirements and fears of spreading COVID-19 will be top of mind for employees as they return to the office. For those businesses that provide onsite dining, this study clearly shows that employees are going to have newfound expectations for contactless foodservice,” said Michael Craig, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Nutrislice. “Digital ordering, pickup, delivery and payment options will be a key requirement to ensuring employee satisfaction and patronage.”

The full survey results can be found here.

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