CU Boulder integrates and elevates dining experiences with Nutrislice.

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University of Colorado Boulder - Nutrislice SnapshotBackground

The University of Colorado Boulder, colloquially known as CU Boulder, is known for their innovative dining program. From creative waste reduction to sustainable food sourcing, the award-winning CU Boulder Campus Dining Services team exhibits the school’s innovative spirit throughout its operations.  The Campus Dining Services team understands, meets and often exceeds students’ dining needs and expectations. However, Director of Campus Dining Services, Paul Houle, knew a critical aspect of their high-caliber service was missing: a modern and streamlined digital dining experience.

The need for digitization.

Today’s digitally native students have little to no memory of the world as it was before smartphones. They’ve grown up with modern-day luxuries like real-time information and online shopping right from their phones. To adapt to the new age student, Houle needed a digital interface for dining services that offers the access, aesthetics, and convenience students are accustomed to. Houle’s previous processes and systems fell short, and the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the need for change.

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